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6 Stunning Activities around Jim Corbett – The Perfect dose of your weekend trip Introduction
08 January ,2024

6 Stunning Activities around Jim Corbett – The Perfect dose of your weekend trip Introduction

The Jim Corbett national park is known as the first well-established national park in India in the year 1936. In 1956 the national park was renamed, Corbett National Park. Jim Corbett was a hunter and naturalist who had played a leading role in the establishment of the park. The main motive of this national park was to start a Tiger conservation program and aims to ensure a viable population of the Bengal Tiger.

This article is all about the stunning activities you can do around Jim Corbett national park and is known as the perfect dose of your weekend trip.

The stunning activities you can do around Jim Corbett are as follows:

For the thrill – River Rafting

This is one of the most famous activities to entertain yourself in this national park that also attracts the majority of tourists. The river Kosi flows through the Jim Corbett National Park. In order to play with the speedy waters of this river, you have o be ready to accept the challenges. While river rafting the surrounding of the park will please you as there you will get to see mesmerizing beauty which also includes hillside, forest, green vegetation, and many more. In order to do some adventure and thrill, try this river rafting water sport.

Elephant safari

Elephant safari is the best for those who enjoy riding. The best thing about this ride isfh that it lets you explore the beauty of the Jim Corbett national park including the valleys, lush green forest, and many more, and that too at the safest height of 9 to 10 ft. If it is your first time on the elephant ride then also you don’t have to worry, give your first ride, and will definitely enjoy the journey under the guidance of expert mahouts.

Jeep safari

One of the top things to do in Jim Corbett national park is Jeep Safari, highly recommended to try in monsoon season. It is very familiar, preferred, and the safest way to explore every inch of Jim Corbett national park. However, your journey with Jim Corbett will not be complete without a Jeep safari especially when you are an animal lover and have a passion for wildlife photography. While jeep riding you will come across areas densely populated with animals like Red Fox, Tigers, Black Bears, and many more.


There is something unique and the most interesting thing to do in this national park is to do cycling which is also called mountain biking. It would not only be a clean and safe place to enjoy bicycles but also will take you through the astonishing view of forests, rivers, hills, and whatnot. If you want to get this thrill and exciting ride then you have to be above 18 years of age along with being physically fit to participate and will be allowed for mountain biking.

Fishing excursion

If you are a food lover or a foodie kind of person then Jim Corbett would be best for you because there is an opportunity to engage with fishing and cooking fish on their own. There are two rivers that are best known for fishing, the one is Ramganga River and the second one is Kosi River. The River Ramganga is an amazing place for fishing as the river is filled with varieties of fishes like Goonch and mahseer. If you want local fish including mahseer then Kosi River will suit you best. Corbett Museum: This museum is best for those people who have the curiosity to know and want to gain knowledge about Jim Corbett who is known as a popular preservationist and after whom the national park has been named or called for.


To conclude Activities, there are countless stunning things to do in Jim Corbett national park, you just need to prepare yourself as an informed explorer.