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Comprehensive Manual for Exploring Corbett's Jungle Safari Experience
27 May ,2024

Comprehensive Manual for Exploring Corbett's Jungle Safari Experience

Situated in the quiet hills of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park welcomes all nature lovers for adventurous jungle safari time. Jim Corbett is the first National Park of India. It was established in 1936. This National Park has the highest numbers of Tigers and nearly 600 Bird species including local and migrant Birds. This guide contains everything you need to know to come to Corbett.

Make sure to be prepared:

Research: Know the fauna – tigers and leopards, elephants, and countless birds. Be aware of the Season as the park is readied for visitors from November to June. Do not forget to select the best place to stay in Jim Corbett. Opt for the cooler period from November to February for a higher probability of spotting animals or enduring scorching summer days in March through Jun.

Bookings: To have fun at Jungle Safari in Corbett there are multiple ways to do it. Jeep safaris for 6 people and canters for up to 16, can be booked online for the best experience, using the Corbett Tiger Reserve website should utilise the thorough, like Dhikala, which also provides canter-exclusive multi-day stays in 5, and 6 exiting call safari. make sure you book your entrance on the Corbett Tiger Reserve website to book your safari online.

Packing: Opt for neutral, comfortable clothes, layered for the vary temp camouflage clothing green, khaki, and the like are best. Wear sturdy shoes for uneven terrain. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and binoculars are a must; insect repellent; a water bottle for hydration; and a camera with a zoom lens are all necessary for taking pictures.

Embarking on the Safari:

  • Early Start: Safaris and tours begin at the early hour of dawn or late at the show. It does not threaten the safety of your hotel and luggage but animals remain in their active behavior. Make every effort to set up after arrival quickly.
  • Respect the Rules: Never mislead that guide’s word. Do not exit the vehicle, speak loudly and toss something. Smoking, feeding, and tossing trash at animals is forbidden.
  • Etiquette of Observation: Do not shout or wander suddenly until the animal feels alarmed. Instead, take your time and well prospect the animals according to the rudiment.
  • Beyond the Jeep:
    • Nature Walks: With their acceptable guide, discover trails laid by axis safari zones throughout the hotel. The area is claimed for the full people’s flora, fauna, and park.
    • Elephant Safaris: In moorland fields along an avowed company area ride on parallel sides like the animal.
    • Birdwatching: Witness Corbett’s more than 500 species of birds. Bring a bird stand guide

Best Place to Stay in Jim Corbett:

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  • Respect the Wildlife: You’re a visitor in their house. Stay away, abide by the strictures guardedly, and don’t disturb them to any limit.
  • Minimise the Impact: Leave. Waste no sign. Evacuate all the garbage, don’t pipe the material within the park, and use toxic waste if necessary.
  • Experience the Thrill: Get an immediate tour of the heart of jungles to be humorous to the environment. Spread out and get adorable joyful air and charm the little beasties in the park. Thus, with the guide, go to watch them and make your fun life together.


Just follow this blog to continue your journey to Jim Corbett and everything will be great. Always remember to remember the rules of the forest, respect the wildlife and follow the instructions of your tour guide. Make your stay with the best resort in Jim Corbett National Park i.e. Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts. This is the best place to make your stay as beautiful as your adventures.