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Checklist Before Booking Hotel & Resort in Jim Corbett for Destination Wedding
08 January ,2024

Checklist Before Booking Hotel & Resort in Jim Corbett for Destination Wedding

Now that you have planned to go ahead with a destination wedding and fill hues of precious memories in your life, you need to be extra cautious. Wedding resorts in Jim Corbett await you. There are several reasons for planning your wedding in the beautiful natural reserve of Jim Corbett. Getting married in the natural reservoir is a dream amidst the beauty of the Koshi River is a dream for many. Several reasons will make you cherish this decision of getting married in the Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett.  A luxury wedding at Jim Corbett will command several extra preparations from your side. The wedding planner and the resort will provide the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The lodges will have the natural ecstasy of an under-the-sky venue, which blends perfectly with the magnificence of the wedding. Yet several other aspects need to be covered by you. The wedding arrangements are made in the open under the blue sky, with the most lustrous views. Special deals like Jungle Safari are available for the guests.

Wedding checklist for you that can help you enjoy a wedding

1. Choose a local planner- Every wedding is memorable, and each couple has their own story. However, when tied at the most majestic luxury hotel in Jim Corbett, the tale of love becomes a tale to remember till eternity. Choosing a wedding planner who is familiar with the local location will be of benefit. Jim Corbett is abundantly blessed with natural raw beauty, and to make them a part of your wedding, a local wedding planner will be helpful. Jim Corbett is new for you, so do your research before selecting the wedding planner. Go with a locally famous wedding planner who has experience working in the area. 

2. Set a budget- A lovely setup amidst the surreal beauty of nature that will cast a spell on you and pinch your pocket. However, if you research a bit, then you could find the destination for your budget luxurious destination wedding in Jim Corbett. Keep budget in mind by setting a detailed budget for the wedding and its associated expenses. Also, keep the budget for the traveling and non-local vendors.  Organize your guest list as it’s a destination wedding in Jim Corbett; there is less pressure to send out invites. There is no need to invite people who are not much close to you. The guest list is small for weddings in Jim Corbett as not many people will be available after traveling. Depending on the guest list, book the resort and make food arrangements.

3. Wedding venues in Jim Corbett- have a vast area, with a beautiful indoor and outdoor location. The resorts are power-packed with various activities like nature walks, Jungle Safari, elephant rides, and other activities by the river. Thus as per your guest list, make arrangements for these. Send out early invitations- as the wedding is in Jim Corbett, it will be wise to send early invitations as it will help the guests make bookings and reservations and save. Bring your make-up artist- the local makeup artist in Jim Corbett may not work as per your liking as fashion sense could differ. Thus it is advisable to bring your makeup artist to work with you as per your liking. Work with your makeup artist from before to avoid chaos on the wedding day and get your desired look. Get an officiant to officiate- the most critical aspect is to get your officiant for the wedding. This is important as only then does the wedding become legal. Thus, if your wedding idea is offbeat and you desire to set a benchmark, then luxury wedding venues at Jim Corbett await you and your soul mate.