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Do You Know About the Top Luxury Resorts in Manali?
11 June ,2023

Do You Know About the Top Luxury Resorts in Manali?

You might have been to Manali a lot of times till now, but do you know about the top luxury resort in Manali? We are talking about Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts, the top luxury resort in Manali. As for why you need to plan your stay at a luxurious resort in Manali, it is due to the fact that the luxury properties in Manali have something incredible to offer that will only add to your wonderful experiences at the hill station. 

Manali is a treat in itself, and there is certainly no denying that! However, the addition of a luxury resort during your stay in Manali would be the best choice you’ll make to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. 

Let’s discuss some of the key points why planning a trip to Manali and booking a lavish stay there would be the best travel choice you’ll ever make. 

  • Luxury resorts in Manali like Tiaraa feature a spacious balcony where you can enjoy the most incredible views of the snow-covered Himalayas. Just sitting and having fun on your balcony will be a memorable experience, trust me!
  • The property under the name of Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts is bedecked at a quiet and serene location in Manali. Being located at quite some distance from major tourist attractions such as the Manali Mall Road, the property is surrounded by apple orchards. So, some good photos to make your friends in city life jealous are on the way.
  • Food quality and taste are the most important things when we travel. Okay, you can get good food in Manali almost everywhere, but what’s so special about the food at Tiaraa? Well, chef-prepared food, Himachali cuisine, and locally grown vegetables are what make your trip to Manali a success.
  • Unparalleled Comfort - Temperature-controlled rooms, spa and rejuvenation center, and room service, isn’t that all you want upon returning from the nearby escapes in Manali? A luxury resort caters to all your needs and requirements to ensure you have the best time at the resort.
  • Class-Apart Hospitality - With a very welcoming staff, the property boasts very warm hospitality making your trip even more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Learning More About One of the Top Luxury Resorts in Manali 

Sitting away from the major tourist attractions and crowds in Manali, the resort marks your perfect stay destination in Manali, especially if you are someone who loves to stay in a peaceful location. 

What adds to the overall elegance of the property under the name of Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts in Manali is the fact that the Kosi River flows alongside the property. Imagine a wonderful and chilly evening with you sitting on the balcony of your lavish room, with a cup of coffee or tea in your hands, and you hear a constant but peaceful rattling sound of the Kosi River through the apple orchards. If that doesn’t bring peace and calmness in your mind and a soothing sensation to you, then I don’t think anything else would. 

All the rooms feature queen or king-sized beds for utmost comfort, complete WiFi coverage all over the property, and an attached bathroom that is sure to leave you with an exquisite impression. 

The spa and rejuvenation center in the resort is where you can counter all your travel fatigue with different types of massages offered by professional massage therapists. At the resort, you’ll have multicuisine dining options. So, you can have the best-tasting chef-prepared food in accordance with your preferences. 

Evenings here are mesmerizing and happening. Yes, did you think we were going to end your trip to Manali without a memorable night experience? Well, here at the resort, if there is no snowfall or rainfall, we organize bonfires where you can dance to live music, enjoy your drinks, and make lifetime memories with your friends. 

Another important thing why we are now being counted among the top resorts in Manali is the fact that we serve as the best spot for a dreamy best destination wedding in Manali. With stunning natural backdrops featuring magnificent snow-clad mountains, apple orchards decorated with lighting, and an overall lovely vibe, Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts marks the perfect spot for a destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of.