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Dreamy Destination Weddings in the Heart of Jim Corbett National Park: Explore the Top Wedding Resort in Uttarakhand
15 May ,2024

Dreamy Destination Weddings in the Heart of Jim Corbett National Park: Explore the Top Wedding Resort in Uttarakhand

Planning to get married, Better plan a destination wedding. Let me tell you why. You are planning to spend lots of money and energy on the wedding and more than that you are investing your emotions in the wedding, so try to make it memorable not just for the Bride, Not just for the Groom, but for every single guest of yours. Now that you have thought about a destination wedding, there is no better place than Jim Corbett National Park.

Imagine a place away from the city’s rush, surrounded by the people who love you and wish only the best for you. You are having a destination wedding in Jim Corbett, You are standing in the lap of nature holding your breath having a garland in your hands and then you see your partner walking down the aisle, Time seems to stretch, and your vision sharpens as you yearn to etch this moment into the depths of your heart, cherishing it for eternity.

Jim Corbett National Park:

As we all know this is the oldest National Park in India, It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was established in 1936. Then it was named as Hailey National Park, later in 1956 it was renamed Jim Corbett National Park after the name of the great hunter turned conversationalist of the British empire Jim Corbett. Some part of the park was in the Princely state of Tehri Garhwal. It was chosen to start Project Tiger in 1974.

This National park has the highest number of Tigers in India. It has more than 650 species of the Birds. You can find more than 55 mammal species and many other flora and fauna. It protects parts of the upper Gangetic plains and Himalayan Pine Forests.

Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett:

When you plan a destination wedding you need to find a perfect place to make your wedding dreamy as you have always imagined. Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts is the best resort for destination weddings in Jim Corbett National Park.

Now we are going to let you know why choose Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts for your destination wedding in Jim Corbett:

A- Multiple Venue Options:

You can choose several locations with Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts.

  1. Poolside: Destination wedding at Jim Corbett that too at poolside wedding venue can give you a unique and unforgettable experience. Imagine taking sacred vows with the backdrop of a sparkling swimming pool and lush greenery. Poolside settings allow an open-air ceremony that permits the breezy air to relax the atmosphere. You can also think of the wedding albums and the background look with the swimming pool.

  2. Darbar Hall: Tiaraa’s Darbar Hall offers a royal setting for your wedding in Jim Corbett with sky-high ceilings. When planning a big fat Indian wedding Darbar Hall would be a great choice for you. It can have a large guest list more comfortably.  The existing architectural features can create a great traditional wedding atmosphere. You can choose the lighting and drapes options for the hall.

  3. Bagicha: Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts is the best resort for the wedding destination in Jim Corbett. Bagicha of the Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts is filled with the Lichee tree, it is the best place for an intimate wedding. The decoration would be so imaginable only when the lights would twinkle over the branches of the trees.
  4. The Garden: Here you can have a big fat traditional Indian wedding on the lawn of Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts. You can have the lush greenery with bright lights and decorations.

B- Multi-Cuisine Options:

When you plan a destination wedding you want it to be perfect. You want multiple options of cuisines because in India people never end the talk about foods in Marriages. When you think about food you think about how many options you can have as a host for your guests as some may love Indian food, some Chinese, and some may love Thai food. At Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts, we offer the best chefs in the business and the best quality products for catering.

C- Rooms and Services:

When planning your destination wedding in Jim Corbett you want to know about the rooms and services you are going to get, and what amenities you will be provided by the hotel staff. In Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts, we provide rooms with 5-star amenities with perfect space and comfortable beds with a flat-screen and air conditioning.

There is also 24/7 room service, a spa where your guests can have their stress relieved and you get a swimming pool with Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts.


It is great when you plan a destination wedding in Jim Corbett but the icing on the cake is selecting the Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts. Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts gives you the best venue for your wedding. It has the best cuisine options for making your wedding unforgettable. It also has the perfect rooms with comfortable spaces and 5-star amenities. It also has the best staff in the Jim Corbett and 24/7 room service.