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Exploring Destinations Near Jim Corbett National Park
18 May ,2024

Exploring Destinations Near Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park in India, It was built in 1936 under the name of Hailey National Park and later after 10 years of Independence it was changed to Corbett National Park in 1956 on the name of hunter-turned-naturalist Jim Corbett.

Jim Corbett has been a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. It has more than 650 species of birds, It has the most number of Tigers in India. This is the first place where Project Tiger took Place. It also has various other animals like deer, bears, elephants and many others.

Places to Visit near Jim Corbett National Park:

There are several places to visit near Jim Corbett but we have shortlisted a few very important places for you to visit:

  • Corbett Falls: 

Corbett Water Falls is located at a 25 km distance from Ramnagar. This is the best place to visit for the people coming to Jim Corbett. It is a 2km trek from the main road. The waterfall is covered with lush greenery. The water falls from a 65ft height and the cold water of the fall just refreshes your mind body and soul.

  • Girija Devi Temple: 

In 1840 the Katyuri Kings (the ruler of Ramnagar) founded the Girija Devi Temple. It is said that the idol of Mata Parvati was found in the mountains at the Garjiya Village and the temple was built. The temple was reconstructed in 1970. This temple is located on the outskirts of Jim Corbett National Park and is the main source of attractions.

  • Bijrani Zone: 

Bijrani Zone is a very popular area in Tiger Reserve. This zone is enriched with a huge number of flora and fauna species. This is the most tiger-rich area in the reserve. Bijrani is close to Ramnagar and is a great place for wildlife enthusiasts.

  • Dhangarhi Museum: 

Dhangarhi Museum is located near the Dhangarhi Gate, which is the main entry point for the Jim Corbett National Park. This museum consists of the History of the Jim Corbett National Park. It has all the information about the park’s flora and fauna that you need to know before starting your safari.

  • Corbett Elephant Safari: 

Elephant Safari is a unique way of enjoying the wildlife. It is different from Jeep Safari, it gives you a chance to observe wildlife closely and the best part is that Elephants can reach the area the jeep can not. Riding on an Elephant is a thrilling experience and it allows you to look at the Park from a higher point.

Indulge in Luxury:

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Plan your Corbett Adventure:

Jim Corbett National Park is the treat itself but the places around the park are very interesting and eye-catching. You can visit the places given above and have fun there. If you are a religious person then you should visit Girija Devi Temple or Garjia Devi temple. If you want to find adventure outside of the park you can visit Corbett Falls and have a dive into its cold water to cool up your mind and soul.

If you like history you will like the Dhangarhi Museum, it is enriched with the story of the beginning of the National Park and its beauty of flora and fauna. You must visit the Bijrani Zone, this zone has the highest number of Tigers in this park and be assured to enjoy the Elephant Safari and look at the forest from a higher viewpoint. Make sure you make your stay at Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts the best resort in the Jim Corbett. It has all the 5-star amenities and has the best staff in Jim Corbett. Make your reservations today and pack your bags to Jim Corbett National Park for this summer vacation.