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Exploring Jim Corbett, Best Places to Visit, Stay, and Things to Do
15 May ,2023

Exploring Jim Corbett, Best Places to Visit, Stay, and Things to Do

Do your office also plans corporate trips to Jim Corbett? Well, we don’t doubt that, as almost every office in Delhi NCR plans trips to Jim Corbett due to its close proximity to the region. Being situated in the Ramnagar Village, Nainital District of Uttarakhand, India, the Jim Corbett National Park marks a splendid staycation boasting the best of nature, serenity, and peace! 

What makes Jim Corbett one of the best locations to head out for a weekend trip is the fact that it is home to some of the best resorts and hotels featuring lush amenities and lavish stays amidst greenery, wildlife, and tranquility. It’s not just the wildlife attraction that allures tourists who are super fond of natural beauty, like meadows, waterfalls, landscapes, rivers, plateaus, and springs, among others. 

But not everyone knows what to do in Jim Corbett, right? There are a lot of places to visit in Jim Corbett, numerous things to do to engage yourself with nature, and various lavish places to plan your stay at! Let’s have a look at some of them, starting with the best places you can pay a visit to while in Jim Corbett and Tiaraa hotels & Resorts offering the best place for wedding in Jim Corbet.

Exploring Jim Corbett 

So, are you excited to head out to Jim Corbett this weekend? You’ll certainly be excited after reading this blog. 

Plan a Picnic Near Corbett Waterfalls

It won’t be far from your stay. I mean, just a 25 km drive from your stay won’t hurt, right? The Corbett Waterfall is located just 25km of distance from Ramnagar in Kaladhungi. As for why the Corbett Waterfall would make a perfect spot for a picnic, it’s the environment it features. You can plan a picnic with your friends and family on a good weather day to spend a memorable noon close to nature. The calming sound of the waterfall, along with a scenic view, makes this destination worth a visit. 

Cherishing History at the Corbett Museum

Wanna equip yourself with the history of Jim Corbett? Get the right information in detail at the Corbett Museum. The location is good for maintaining your snap streak! At the museum, you’ll find information about the hunter-turned-environmentalist Jim Corbett, after which the National Park was named. In addition to Jim, you can learn about the man-eaters and other wild animals who are found in the locale of Jim Corbett. 

Embrace the Beauty of Nature at the Kosi River 

Kosi River marks yet another popular tourist spot where you can head for a great evening. It’s definitely a treat for nature lovers and offers stunning views of the mountains. Leave your daily worries behind the doors as you head to the banks of the Kosi River, as an evening here will rejuvenate your mind and soul. Starting its journey from Mohan, the river flows on the outskirts of the park and comes to an end in Ramnagar. 

Have Some Blessings at the Ancient Durga Devi Temple

Want to start your mornings with the blessings of Maa Durga? Paying a visit to the ancient Durga Devi Temple in Garjiya will definitely be worth it! Even though a lot of tourists visit this temple throughout the year, you won’t find many crowds at the temple. The temple is surrounded by a dense forest and features a large pond just in front. The Durga Devi Temple boasts unique architecture and offers peace and calmness to the devotees. 

The timings are 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and are open all days of the week. In order to visit this temple, you are required to visit the Durga Devi Zone of the Jim Corbett National Park. You can easily book online from the official website of the Jim Corbett National Park. 

These are some of the locations that you can visit on your trip to Jim Corbett. Adventure seekers, don’t you worry! We’ve got your back! You’ll get ample adventure opportunities in Jim Corbett. 

Top Things to Do in Jim Corbett

River Rafting

River rafting remains the top adventure activity to perform in Jim Corbett that, assures you a ride of great and unforgettable experiences. What makes river rafting in Jim Corbett the best adventure activity not to miss are the grade I and grade II rapids you’ll encounter on the rafting route. 

Elephant Safari 

Jungles are all about safaris, and especially Jim Corbett! One of the most thrilling adventures in Jim Corbett is the elephant safari. An elephant will take you through the jungle, which is incredible in itself, as no other safari can go off-track to give you that experience in Jim Corbett. 

Rock Climbing 

Love challenging your limits and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Rock climbing is what you need to do in Jim Corbett. You need a lot of patience and strength to climb to the top. Climbing the pebbly cliff of the Himalayas would be really worth it. Sounds interesting? Join any rock climbing club in Jim Corbett and get trainers and assistance from the same. 

Mountain Biking 

Do you have a corner for bicycles and the adventure it brings along? Get your hands on special bikes to drive through the rough topographies of the mountain. The major target for mountain biking here would be Corbett Panorama. Plan this activity with a night camp, and you are all set to go for a memorable night. A bonfire, some drinks with your friends, and a night in the camp. What’s more, there’s to ask for. 

Where Should You Plan Your Stay

We now have the list of the places we should be visiting and the adventure activities we can enjoy in Jim Corbett. Let’s talk about the stay options in Jim Corbett, where you can make the most of your trip to Jim Corbett. 

Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts

Snuggled in the forest is a property under the name of Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts that sits in close proximity to the major tourist attractions in Jim Corbett. The resort boasts the most lavish accommodations along with a range of amenities and facilities that you need to make your stay comfortable and luxurious. 

The resort marks the best place to stay in Jim Corbett to make the most of your vacation at Jim Corbett.