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Group tour to Manali: Uniting Friends and Family in a Memorable Trip
22 March ,2024

Group tour to Manali: Uniting Friends and Family in a Memorable Trip

If you are planning a Group trip to Manali with your friends and Family from New Delhi then there are a few things you must know. First of all, you should know the distance between New Delhi and Manali is approximately 587 KM, which takes you around 12 hours to reach excluding the traffic and weather conditions. You should check the Manali Tours Package and select the best one, so you can make a memorable trip with your friends. So, if you are craving a thrilling road trip to Manali then you should surely explore how to reach Manali from Delhi and where you should stay. In this blog, we are going to find the Do’s and Must Do’s in Manali as when you are in Manali let's lose it. Before we begin, it is important to know that this blog is going to overwhelm your imagination -covering everything right from your basic needs to all your adventure wants!

Things to Know Before Starting The Trip

You can start this journey from Delhi, either by bus or if you have your own vehicle VOILA! If you’re considering taking a bus, Kashmere Gate is advisable as it is the most popular spot to catch a bus to Manali from New Delhi. But, this is just the start of your trip and it is going to get even better. You can also check the packages to Manali from various sources available on the internet, which can cost you anywhere between 3500-5000, or even more depending on the peak season. However, there is a list of things that are advisable to take with you on this trip.

Do Not Forget To Take These With You

Well, the journey is long, so why not make a list for your group trip to Manali, to make this journey interesting and stress-free? Here is a list of things to make your journey even better:

1. Make sure you have prepared a playlist to enjoy this awesome journey. A trip to Manali is always memorable with your friends, that bonfire, music and the feeling of 90’s romance.

2. The weather is usually cold in Manali. Therefore, you should pack your clothes accordingly. During winters, the temperature can go around -4 degrees Celsius. Body warmers, jackets, shawls, caps and gloves are a must for this weather. Most importantly, do not forget to pack your comfortable shoes as you should be able to walk in the snow, and have an overcoat preferably Winchester, that can hold the moisture before it gets to your inner clothes.

3. Above all do not forget to take a basic medical kit with you and if you take regular medicines, then you should keep them with you.

4. This is the most important thing to carry around. You must have your identification proof with you, as you do not know when you might need it. Whenever you plan a trip to Manali or anywhere else, carrying your ID Proof is a must.

5. Do not forget to carry cash on your group trip to Manali. Since your destination is on a higher altitude, the network can be down at times or in some places. Therefore, carrying some cash or your cards can be handy in such situations. Also, since you’re travelling with your friends, there are chances that you can go up and down with your budget, therefore, carrying some extra cash or your cards can be useful.

6. Carrying a power bank with you for your devices can be useful. In today’s time, your mobile phone or camera would be used to click a lot of images or to make reels, so there are chances that your battery might drain out quickly. Carrying a power bank in such situations can be useful.

7. Last but not the least, one of the most important things is emergency contacts. Memorise some of your emergency contacts as they can be useful in emergency situations.

Must Visit Places in Manali

Manali is the honey to your eyes, every corner of Manali is fun, and there are several places to visit in your trip but we have made a list for you so that you need not to worry. Just pack your bags and collect your friends because “Whatever you do in this life it's not Legendary unless your friends are there to see it- Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother”.

  • Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a very popular place in Manali and every year approximately 20 to 25 lakh visitors visit here. Usually the Pass is closed in October and opens in May as in winters it is covered with heavy snow and the travel becomes less pleasant, We recommend you to please plan your trip accordingly.

  • Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple is an ancient temple from the time of Mahabharata, as it is believed that Hidimba was the wife of Bhima, second of the Pandavas. This temple is surrounded by the cedar Forest also known as Dhungiri van. So if you are a fan of ancient History you must visit this Holy Place.

  • Naggar Castle 

Naggar Castle was built by Raja Sidhi Singh in 1460 AD. It is a fine example of European and Indian architecture. Naggar castle is located in Naggar town between the exceptionally beautiful hills. If you want to experience the royal experience in Himachal, Try Naggar Castle. 

  • Solang Valley 

Solan Valley is the most important place to visit if you are in Manali, without going to Solang Valley your Manali trip with friends will not be Legendary. Once you are there, try  Chinese food from the local shops, and enjoy the eye-catching scenery.

  • Old Manali 

Old Manali is a blend of modern and traditional Himachal. This place is the romance you seek in this trip, the adventure you want to feel and the pleasure to eyes for which you are there.

Thrills You Can Seek On This Group Adventure To Manali

Manali is the place for multiple adventures but we have concluded some of the best adventures for you. Skiing in Solang Valley gives you immense satisfaction to ski through the snow. There is always A snowboard instructor to teach the basic snowboarding skills. Trekking is the form of walking for the purpose of enjoying the view over a day. Treks in Manali are wholesome, adventurous, Beautiful, exciting and worth your time. You can do yoga camps in Treks, You can have your tent parties and nights are even as beautiful as heaven to the eyes. River Rafting is indeed the most exciting and adventurous thing to enjoy in Manali along with canoeing, kayaking and of course, white water rafting. Adventures in Manali are never siege, all you need to have a group trip to Manali.

When to Plan Your Trip To Manali?

From September to February The temperature drops to -1 ° C. So if you have small kids with you we prefer to take necessary precautions with you to keep them safe.

December end to January is the time called for honeymooners, It is a white scenery covered with snow everywhere. You can visit here with your friends to play with snowballs and make snowmen.

March to June summers enter this weather but it still is very pleasant weather around here. It is unlike other tourist seasons but traffic never stops in Manali. 

From July to August tourists do not prefer to visit Manali due to security and weather reasons and for a safe journey, we advise you to check the weather forecast before visiting Manali in this season.

Comfortable Stay Options In Manali
There are several resorts and hotels available in Manali to stay and to enjoy the view but we have selected the best option for your stay in Manali - Tiara Hotels. Although, Tiaraa offers the advantage of a prime location but is pocket-friendly for group tours along with world-class amenities and services. Essential amenities like hot water geysers, 24*7 electricity and room service. Moreover, the Apple orchard beside the property makes you feel near nature and creates a poetic atmosphere around you so that you can feel nature with your eyes on your heart. Group trips to Manali become more spontaneous and joyous with Tiara hotels, they make your trip memorable for you and your friends and family.