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Jim Corbett safari: Tailor-made trip for the traveler
20 June ,2022

Jim Corbett safari: Tailor-made trip for the traveler

When we need peace of mind, we usually travel outside most of the time. Mother nature always welcomes us in a way that whatever the stress or frustration is inside us,  nature will throw that emotion away by giving us a cool breeze of air, sensual greenish nature, dark brown mountains faded in new dark clouds, the chirping of birds in the trees, and sounds of small animals which sound like species in the wild singing with the chorus to welcome us with greetings. Jim Corbett National Park is one place you will always fall in love with. You will never ever leave the forest without experiencing the thrilling adventure of Jim Corbett Safari. The Jim Corbett Safari will tempt travelers to experience the beauty of the wild and nature in a better way. This safari will be a mind-blowing venture for nature lovers. Let’s explore in detail the different Jim Corbett Safari zones.   The tailor-made trip is increasingly popular at the Jim Corbett National Park. The condition is that travelers must get a permit from the forest department for a hassle-free journey.  

Sonandi Safari Zone: The Sona Nadi range is situated in the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, part of Corbett National Park. Wildlife and birds are well-served by the Sonandi Range, which is an ecologically sensitive habitat. The Sonanadi River is located in the northern part of the range. Travelers can find elephants, tigers, and a variety of reptiles in this area. Travelers can explore 530 different bird species in this safari zone.

Dhikala Safari Zone: The Jim Corbett National Park’s Dhikala Zone is one of the most famous safari areas. Jim Corbett’s Dhikala range is famed for its breathtaking views and wildlife sightings, and it is located about 50 kilometers inside the dense forest. The Dhikala zone, on the outskirts of the  Pati Dun Valley, is home to a reservoir where several Ramganga channels touch. The Dhikala chaur has the widest expanse of open grassland, making it an ideal location for observing various wild animals.

Durga Devi Safari Zone: The adventure of the wildlife can be seen in this hill safari zone of Durga Devi. The Ramganga River and Mandal River flow in this range. Travelers who love sighting elephants should visit this safari zone. There are many different species of birds to see in this lush forest for birdwatchers.   

Bijrani Safari Zone: Travelers can make their adventure even more thrilling by visiting this highly populated wildlife zone. Most importantly, you have a high probability of getting a sighting of tigers around this zone. The dense forest and grasslands make travelers more attractive.   The Jim Corbett safari gives you a lot of fun, but spending the night in a luxury hotel near a forest with all the comforts of home nearby looks even better. A stay at Tiaraa Hotels in Jim Corbett will give you a feeling of exploring the view of the mighty jungle and make your visit more luxurious. If you’re looking for a safari that’s both comfortable and full of memories, go no further than this one.