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Selecting a Suitable Five-Star Hotel in Jim Corbett for Your Business Event
09 January ,2024

Selecting a Suitable Five-Star Hotel in Jim Corbett for Your Business Event

Corporate events are exciting, given the fact that you are taking your employees or colleagues with you to a location that is quite distant from your office. So, you are planning to take your colleagues and staff along with you on an official trip. This article will help you find the right destination for you to plan a trip to! 

Well, there is certainly no denying that these corporate events are really important for offering you a break from the daily buildup of stress and exhaustion. In addition to this, they offer each and every one in your office an opportunity to share a bond and build stronger interpersonal relationships. This further leads to better communication and improved productivity in the office. 

Not all corporate tours will involve fun and amusement! There will be corporate meetings and conferences with clients, for which you will require a presentable setting and a lavish accommodation to have a positive and lasting impression. 

Apart from all these benefits, which are major to the office, people get to enjoy their time with their friends and colleagues. But here comes the most important part! Where to plan your corporate event, tour, or meeting, especially when you have chosen the location to be Jim Corbett. 

Before discussing the best resort for corporate events, you can plan your corporate event in order to ensure an elegant setup for the event; let’s first discuss what would be required at the destination for both formal business meetings or conferences or casual office outings. 

Requirements for a Formal Business Outing

A formal business meeting would demand a certain setup for execution. Suppose you are planning a business conference with your clients, hosting a workshop for your office employees, launching any product, or introducing a new product or service line, seminars, training sessions, or any other business-related affair; you need a proper setup for those. This would include the following:

  • A dedicated conference room with the availability of LCD projectors.
  • A whiteboard with markers to demonstrate some facts and figures or charts. 
  • Dolby sound system to ensure the proper setup for sound and better communication. 
  • Mics and a podium to host a meeting. 
  • Presence of other visual objects as and when required. 

Requirements for an Informal/Casual Business Outing

For informal business outings or casual office trips, what could be a better destination than a property with an elegant swimming pool, lavish rooms for a stay, a bar-cum-dining area, and great food? Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts offers customized solutions in accordance with your needs and requirements. 

During your casual office event, the staff at Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts will assist you in organizing both indoor and outdoor events with all the resources you require! From DJ nights to theme parties, you’ll get everything at Tiaraa!

Don’t Worry! We are Here | Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts as Your Corporate Event Destination 

Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts are the epitomai of luxury, exquisiteness, and peace. Snuggled in the lush greenery and forests, the property boasts an incredible environment for just the getaway you need. What adds more to the promising factors of Tiaraa is the fact that the property is equipped with a range of modern amenities and facilities that will make your stay at the property more luxurious, relaxing, and comfortable. 

The hospitality at Tiaraa Hotels and Resorts is top-notch! All your guests will be greeted by the resort’s representatives, and you will be escorted to the resort. There is strong Wi-Fi coverage all over the property so that you are digitally well-connected! All the rooms on the property are temperature-controlled to give you a personalized, relaxing experience.

For all your business meetings and conferences, the property offers you a conference hall spread over 7,000 sq. ft. of area. There is a capacity of around 500 pax in theatre style, and you must note that the hall is adorned by dynamic upholstery and is well-appointed. When seated in a cluster style, the conference hall has a capacity of 160-180 pax. 

Apart from corporate business outings, the resort is an ideal location in Jim Corbett for destination weddings! If you have always wondered about a dream destination wedding, then this is your chance to get married in a dreamy setting. A destination wedding in Jim Corbett would certainly prove to be the right decision as the area features lush greenery, utmost serenity and peace, and a scenic backdrop.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and plan a corporate outing with your colleagues.