26 April ,2022

The Must Do-activities for Adventuring into the Jungle – Jim Corbett National Park

Adventure, Jungle, Mountains and River; sounds way too interesting for an exciting vacation. Listed among one of the most notable wildlife reserves in India, Jim Corbett National Park is nestled amidst the Himalayan foothills in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Home to thousands of species of plants and animals, this park is spread over an area of 1318 square kilometres.

When it comes to the must do activities for adventuring into the jungle, Jim Corbett Park has a never ending list. From elephant safari to trekking and camping, from fishing to river rafting, the place has every kind of activity to take out the adventurer soul within you. We have made a list about the activities one must do when in Jim Corbett National Park.


The adventure lies high in the sky. Paramotoring, a kind of powered paragliding, is the safest, cheapest yet thrilling experience one must do. The view of Jim Corbett from metres above the land is fascinating. The scenic view of jungle, running river, is not less than a scene straight out of a movie.

Camping by the river

You must have done camping in the mountains, but camping beside the river amidst mountains is what you need to do this time. Watching the bright night sky, admiring the beauty of mountains around you, will surely be one of the most peaceful and rejuvenating things.

Elephant safari

Elephant Safari is a phenomenal way to explore the beauty of the place. It will be the closest way of capturing the wildness among the jungles. So, pack your bags lightly to experience adventure on the elephant.

Fishing in the river

Jim Corbett National Park is a home to rivers like Ramnagar, Kosi, Kothari and Mandal. All these rivers are filled with a variety of fishes that can be caught and cooked fresh while enjoying the beauty of the mountains around you.


Another thrilling activity which one must do while in Jim Corbett is Rappelling. It is done with the help of a rope which helps you to descend from the mountains. The views from rappelling in this area are gorgeous.

Jim Corbett is full of thrilling activities which will surely make your adventurous soul happy. Other than these, you can go for a trek to the waterfall or maybe try mountain biking. Various resorts in Jim Corbett provide packages with such thrilling activities. For more information you can check out packages available at The Blue Orchid Resorts.