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Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Kainchi Dham Complete Guide 2024
27 March ,2024

Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Kainchi Dham Complete Guide 2024


If you want to find solace, If you crave peace, if your mind is puzzled and if you feel the darkness around you and no one is around you to show you the way, There is still one place where you can find the blessing you need to fight with your demons, That place is Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Nainital. This place has some powers that can not be understood but only felt. Maharaj Ji also known as Neem Karoli Baba had the miraculous powers of Lord Hanuman. 

His devotees believe that he was the incarnation of Lord Hanuman. He healed N numbers of people and fulfilled the desires of people who came to his door, even after he left the world his blessings are still at the Kainchi Dham ashram, He may have left his physical form but for his devotees, Maharaj Ji still comes to rescue them from the pain and problems. Neem Karoli Baba Ashram was built in the mid-’20s, Maharaj ji is considered the most powerful saint of the century, People around the world visit the ashram whenever they are confused, helpless, painful and seek peace.

Stay in Kaichi Dham Ashram

If you want to stay in the ashram, you can email the ashram staff. if you are lucky you can get the Kainchi Dham Ashram room booking only if you try for this in advance, You are allowed to stay only 3 days in the Ashram, you can find the kitchen in the Ashram, meditation hall, basic accommodation and join the First aarti in the morning and other holy activities of the Ashram.

Location and Accessibility:

The Dham is about 17 KM away from the Nainital, which is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is well linked with the road. So you can reach here by bus or from the taxi or your vehicle. 

One can reach here by Train also. The nearest railway station to Kainchi Dham is Kathgodam, which is around 43 KM from the Ashram. You can get a Taxi or bus from outside the station directly to the Ashram. The basic bus fare from Kathgodam to Neem Karoli Dham is 100 to 140 approx. 

The nearest Airport is Pantanagar Airport which will take you around two hours to reach Ashram from there.

Distance from Dehradun to Neem Karoli is approximately 300KM which can take up to 6-7 hours depending on the traffic and weather conditions. Distance from Delhi to Neem Karoli Baba Nainital is approximately 340 KM, one can reach the ashram from Delhi by Train bus or personal vehicle.

When to visit Ashram?

You can visit any time of the year to Neem Karoli Dham, the best time to visit Kainchi Dham is from February to March as the ashram experiences pleasant weather at this time and the ashram is open from 5 am to 7 pm. The ashram provides basic accommodations to devotees.

Where to stay?

When you are on your spiritual journey you do not want to compromise your comfort. There are plenty of hotels in Kainchi Dham, you can visit anyone and you can have your stay, but the question remains the same will your stay be comfortable? Will it be spiritual as it ought to be?

Please be assured we have got you covered, though there is also the option of homestay in Kainchi Dham, you can certainly find the place but what if we tell you that we know exactly the place you are looking for?

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To win the world you live in you need to win whatever is in you. This quote fits the definition of Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Nainital, You can start your spiritual journey here and find peace in yourself with the blessings of Maharaj Ji. Here you witness the miracles you have never seen or imagined before.

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