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Relax in a spa and rejuvenation center with unparalleled excellence to bring your mind, body, and soul to peace. A soothing retreat amidst mountains to bring you a un unforgettable comforting experience.


Your Place to Loosen Up Your Stiff Muscles and Release Your Stress While Relishing the Beauty of the Mountains

Let the experts, backed by years of experience and skills, utilize the best-in-class treatments and therapies to reinstate your peace of mind, soul, and body. Relish the perfect blend of therapies and exquisiteness at our spa and wellness center.


A range of massage therapies blended with traditional and modern techniques bring out the most refreshing experience.


Indulge in an invigorating venture and welcome a stress-free and pacifying lifestyle.

Activities Staying

Expert-curated range of therapies and treatments to facilitate detoxification, destressing, and healing. Lead a better life with a refreshed and relaxed body with integrated therapeutic treatments.

Awaken your inner healing sources by giving your body and mind the wellness approach they require. Bespoke rejuvenation programs bedecked in a tranquil setting for a spiritual Cleanse.


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Swedish-style massage techniques coupled with special blends of natural essential oils designed to relax, energize, detoxify, and more, as the guest chooses.

Stockholm Escape

Classic full-body massage employing long, kneading strokes. Promotes total relaxation and eases muscle stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage with deeper, more direct pressure concentrating on specific muscle groups. Eliminates deeply rooted tension, releases tightness, and reduces muscle pain.

Bali Heritage Massage

Combines stretching, long strokes, skin rolling, and palm and thumb pressure techniques. Promotes relaxation and a sense of harmony.

Siam Heritage Massage

Firm, dry massage technique combining attention to Chinese pressure points and Ayurveda stretching techniques. Stimulates blood flow, releases toxins and promotes healing.

Shiatsu Classic Massage

Japanese pressure point massage is based on the same principles as acupuncture. Eases fatigue and promotes the flow of energy.

Malish With Potli

Pampering massage with herbal hot compress-Ayurveda Potli with targeted muscles and joints to give you ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Experiencing Shirodhara

Pouring blended oil onto the third eye point of the forehead to absorb cosmic energy, leaving you relaxed.

Classic Abhyangam

Traditional Ayurveda massage with different medicated oil.

Leisure Signature Samardana

A relaxing massage performed by two therapists working in concert employing a blend of five approaches: Japanese shiatsu, Thai Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish, and Balinese. Pure pleasure.

Travelers Delight Massage

A combination of Traditional Balinese Massage followed by foot massage is the perfect choice to relax your stiff muscles and jet lag after a long journey from home.

His Wellness Ritual

Aromatherapy 60 Min. Polishing BODY SCRUB 30 Min+ Apply Brighten Face Mask + Steam.

Her Wellness Ritual

Aromatherapy 60 Min. Polishing BODY SCRUB 30 Min+Apply Brighten FACE MASK+ STEAM.